Sunday, November 29, 2009

A Different Move

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Notes from Vizag

Its been a long time getting back home. But its been fun - and very very interesting. The last few days in California were a blur of activity - and it seems like a long time ago already. Should I have stayed longer?

I was in Singapore and Thailand for a couple of weeks in between. Singapore is a beautiful city - picture perfect, clean and reliable in most ways. Thailand is a little in between India and Singapore. I was in Bangkok and Chiang Mai. More like one night in Bangkok where I stayed in. So effectively just Chiang Mai. And it is a great place. I had a lot of fun there. And I didnt even get to see a lot of things there. I think I will write a post-travels travelogue since this was my first trip alone to a place where I didnt know anybody.

As for home, I havent been doing much here. Eating, reading, tv, scooter riding, the beach and the like. Diwali was a blast. Ran into a couple of old friends which is always good. I started taking guitar lessons but havent bought a guitar yet. I'm slipping back into my old habit of sleeping very late and waking up very late. But it'll get fixed once I start working. I'm waiting for broadband but maybe it is time to stop waiting. I also want to take swimming lessons and go for yoga classes. One step at a time...

There is a week long trek in Mizoram in November that I really want to go for - but havent decided yet. If I go, I want to do a bit of North East along with it because it is just so far to get to. And I also have to go to Bombay to see my old roommate. And there is Bhutan, Nepal...hmm.

So those are my updates from Vizag. Things just move slower here, and now so do I.

Monday, August 31, 2009


I am back on the blog after a long long time. And its been a while since I've really wanted to write anything. I don't know the reason, really. But I haven't really delved deep into wondering why that much.

Today was a good day. In a lot of ways, it was saying goodbyes to a lot of people, times and things. I went back to the Mission to a farewell party of a friend. She is headed to the Big Sur to a 2-month retreat and then back to Mississippi where she is from, originally. And maybe back to San Francisco and maybe not. She hasnt decided yet. In a lot of ways, that has exactly been my situation. For the last couple of months, I've been in a sort of a retreat. Hanging out with friends, enjoying times with them and thinking but not really deciding about things I am going to do. And I have decided now. So yes, I am going back to India. This already seems like my most revealing post ever.

And since we are being revealing..I am indebted to a lot of my friends here. Some more than others. And at some time in the future, hopefully I will be in a position to be as generous as they've been. To them or to others. On the 18th of this month is when I fly out of San Francisco. And while I am filled with apprehension of the challenges that lay ahead, I am also filled with hope and excitement for the possibilities. And while I will be away from my friends who've been family to me here, I hope my time with my parents and brother would compensate for that. And maybe new friends too.

Maybe in the long run, I'd want to come back. Maybe go somewhere else. Maybe go back to school. I feel differently everyday. And also, isnt it foolish to think you can plan the long run?

In other things, I will be going to Chicago this weekend. Before that, I'm going to a Def Leppard concert on Wednesday with friends. Both of which should be fun. And I'll try to squeeze in a trip to LA and Portland. Or to Big Sur, Yosemite, the Redwood National Park, etc. Hmm.. too little time?

Monday, July 20, 2009

More moving

As I started typing out the title of this post, Firefox suggested "Ruby and iPhone App Developer" through auto-complete. Thats basically what I should've been upto lately but the slacker bug is very much alive and kicking.

I havent gone back home to SF in ten days. I kind of feel bad about it. But what the hell. I have to go to court this week to attend to a ticket that I got on Caltrain (rather unfairly, I think). And this is in San Mateo, so I might as well stay down in the Peninsula.

What I really need to worry about right now is what I'm going to do next month when my sublet runs out. As of now, I have some plans of traveling around California. And maybe crash here and there in between? But I dont yet know if it is feasible, practical or even reasonable. Ah! more moving around the corner, goddamitt..

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Blogger's Blogk

I am back in California right now. I've been doing a lot of fun things lately but havent had the motivation or felt the urge to blog at all.
Just to continue my last post, I did manage to go to Boston and it was great. While I was there, I thought I was in love with the place. But now that I am back, I know I love the Bay Area more.
I got the keys to my new place this week but havent moved in yet. I am planning to do so today.
I cant think of anything more to write, so I am going to stop now. :)

Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm in New York now watching Wimbledon.. I'm here visiting my brother who is going back home at the end of the month. Missing SF but NY is beautiful. I've wanted to go to Boston but it hasnt worked out. Yet.

Before coming here, I moved out of my apartment. It was a physically exhausting and mentally draining couple of days. Always thank god for friends but especially more so when you are moving. Really. I said goodbye to my wonderful housemate who is also leaving for Brazil at the end of the month for two years. Also said goodbyes to three other friends who are wandering off chasing their destinies/livelihoods/education. Hopefully things go well for everybody.

July 1st, I move into a new apartment for a month's sublet. One of the roommates has a cat..

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twitterish : Blogs I read

I've added the blogs I regularly read on the sidebar. Thanks, WallpaperWalk!